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Create ebooks within minutes without committing yourself to one specific template set?

Create social media graphics that have unique layouts, formatting, and elements within minutes?

Have custom designs that you can change to match your branding?

Have access to over 5000 custom-designed templates all in one membership portal?

This membership will end on February 28, 2022, as the membership for Canva templates is retiring!

Create better lead magnets and be inspired by creative design, colors, layouts, all of which can be modified for your brand.

Save money! You’ll have all kinds of Canva templates you’d ever want in a membership. Everything from social media to ebooks and workbooks. All Canva templates in the shop are available in this membership.

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Download any template available in the membership portal, and customize it to your brand. There are product catalogs, workbooks, ecourse documents to help you build a course. You can easily customize each template with the Canva brand stylizer.

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Everything from my bestselling Canva template bundles to Instagram puzzles! You’ll be able to create lead magnets, opt-in freebies, eBooks, workbooks, course materials, social media posts, covers, and blog graphics galore.

Very. You’ll have access to my membership portal, which contains download sheets to every Canva template set, link, or digital product. Most everything is available in a PDF download, making your Canva links accessible and easy to load.

I have a form at the bottom of the membership portal to let me know if you have an issue with any download link. I take a look, and get back to you with a fresh link or solution. 

No, and absolutely not. You’ll receive a reminder email that your membership is about to expire, but I do not do auto-billing or charge your card for another 3 months. You can always renew your membership at any time to continue to receive amazing design assets.

Only the Canva template designs are available in the membership portal.

Of course! During your membership I’m happy to replace links if you need them (sometimes they exhaust or need a fresh link), and am happy to make sure you can access the right files. You must have an active membership to receive support on templates and any of my files.

Of course! I have an ebook you can download that will give you a ton of ideas on how to best use my templates and get the most value out of your membership.

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